What We Do

EDIC is a not-for-profit organization focusing on education, recognition, analytics and data in the Diversity and Inclusion space.

Identify Areas to Improve Hiring Practices
Create Open Dialogue around D&I
Deliver Actionable Training for Managers
Support Leadership Development
Moving from Awareness to Action


Our team believes that continued education is essential to sustaining a culture of diversity and inclusion. Workshops and seminars encouraging inclusive dialogue help to foster an environment in which all members of an organization are conscious of their actions and ways in which they can contribute to a healthier and more diverse workplace.

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EDIC Education
The Science of Succeeding Together

Data Analytics

Despite continued efforts to build a more inclusive and diverse workforce, many organizations still struggle to see results. Innovative use of data analytics can effectively identify gaps in equity, diversity, and inclusion strategies that are preventing organizations from achieving their desired results.

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EDIC Data Analytics
Recognizing Excellence


Identifying organizations that successfully foster diverse and inclusive workplaces is key to measuring and highlighting overall progress. Awarding organizations that make significant progress in these areas in their workplaces provides an example to other organizations with similar goals.

With so many companies and institutions striving to achieve greater diversity and inclusion within their organizations, it is important to recognize those that are achieving their goals and setting the standard.

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EDIC Education