Identifying organizations that successfully foster diverse and inclusive workplaces is key to measuring and highlighting overall progress. Awarding organizations that make significant progress in these areas in their workplaces provides an example to other organizations with similar goals.

With so many companies and institutions striving to achieve greater diversity and inclusion within their organizations, it is important to recognize those that are achieving their goals and setting the standard.

Recognizing Excellence

The EDIC INC Award

EDIC will identify and recognize organizations that are making intentional culture shifts in their process, procedures, and data analysis. Organizations that are effecting great change through various behavioral shifts and leading their specific industry will be recognized with the prestigious EDIC award for their outstanding work in diversity and inclusion.

Celebrate and Recognize Progress

Many companies and institutions are actively working towards their diversity and inclusion goals and making significant progress. In order to encourage continued work on diversity and inclusion EDIC will recognize the companies making significant progress as well as overall progression in fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Promote and Award Excellence

Companies and institutions that have excelled in diversity and inclusion practices will be awarded the prestigious EDIC award, setting an example for other organizations and recognizing the importance of achieving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Create Industry Standards

Many companies and institutions are working constantly to improve the diversity and inclusiveness of their workplaces, yet a standard has yet to be set for how a successful diverse and inclusive workplace looks and functions. By collecting data on diversity and inclusion and awarding companies that excel in this field, EDIC aims to set the standard for what an inclusive and diverse workplace is.

Award D&I / CSR Innovation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly important element of efforts to create a diverse and inclusive work culture. EDIC will identify and award companies and institutions who take an innovative approach to advancing D&I and CSR in their workplaces.