Our team believes that continued education is essential to sustaining a culture of diversity and inclusion. Workshops and seminars encouraging inclusive dialogue help to foster an environment in which all members of an organization are conscious of their actions and ways in which they can contribute to a healthier and more diverse workplace.

Cultural Development/Shifting Behaviors

Cultural development is essential to successfully creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace. EDIC’s educational initiatives will teach leaders how to shift behaviors within their workplace to foster a culture rooted in diversity and inclusion.

Talent Acquisition, Retention, Advancement and Leadership

Diversity and inclusion must be taken into account during hiring as well as in employee’s professional development as part of the organization. EDIC will help companies and institutions learn how to advocate for diversity and inclusion through all steps of the process from talent acquisition and retention to professional advancement and leadership.

Skill Building

EDIC will help leaders and executives build the skills necessary to increase investment in and encouragement of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Critical Talent Decisions

Hiring is an important step in the process of welcoming diversity and inclusion in the workplace. EDIC will lead focused education initiatives on taking diversity and inclusion into account in the hiring process and making talent decisions suitable for each company or institution’s goals.

Change Strategy and E-learning

EDIC will lead Executive learning (E-learning) initiatives which ensure executives and leaders are deeply involved in crafting and taking ownership of change strategies aimed at advancing diversity in the workplace and maintaining a sustainable and inclusive culture.

Executive Leadership Institute

Our rigorous ELI program will equip leaders and executives with core knowledge enabling them to effectively move from awareness to action, shift behaviors, and make critical talent decisions.

Moving From Awareness to Action

The EDIC Executive Leadership Institute is recognized as the most progressive executive education program. This highly thought out program has proven to be the most influential and impactful in preparing executive change agents to navigate and succeed in organizational culture.


Our faculty brings passion and commitment to your success.


Activity Based Learning.


Empowered small group learning.


Executive Leaders are channeled to grow beyond their comfort zone.


Networking and life lasting connections are made.


We are committed to delivering an environment of professional learning and leadership in all industries.