Data Analytics

Despite continued efforts to build a more inclusive and diverse workforce, many organizations still struggle to see results. Innovative use of data analytics can effectively identify gaps in equity, diversity, and inclusion strategies that are preventing organizations from achieving their desired results.

The Science of Succeeding Together

EDIC Inc. will use a variety of data analytics strategies to provide comparable industry data to organizations so that progress and successes can be identified.

Using these innovative methods will enable HR leaders to uncover the missing links in their diversity and inclusion strategies and apply the lessons learned to improve their workplace culture and achieve sustainable progress.

Institutional Surveys

Institutional surveys will provide essential information in EDIC’s data analytics.

Employee Feedback

By collecting feedback from employees of various companies and institutions EDIC will be able to take into account diverse perspectives and construct a better picture of how diversity and inclusion initiatives are playing out in the workplace.

Brand Strategy Effectiveness

In order for a company to reach its diversity and inclusion goals it must be welcoming to individuals of all backgrounds and ensure its commitment to D&I is apparent to the outside world. EDIC will work with companies to improve their outward facing strategy and demonstrate their openness to all individuals.

Candidate Experiences

A major component of the effort to make workplaces more diverse and inclusive is the hiring process. EDIC will collect data on candidate experiences to evaluate progress made towards greater consideration of these goals in the hiring process.

Focus Groups

EDIC will conduct focus groups with leaders and executives to discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives and strategies, sharing best practices and lessons learned.